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As leading systems supplier for electronics manufacturing, Ersa offers its customers worldwide intelligent solutions ready for industry 4.0 and the upcoming new mobile standard 5G. Under the motto "YOUR PRODUCTION - DRIVEN BY KURTZ ERSA", Ersa presented a real firework of innovations.


Above all the new EXOS 10/26 vacuum reflow soldering system with a void rate reduced by up to 99%. Or intelligent automation solutions for even greater efficiency in production, such as ROBOPLACE for component assembly, SOLDER SMART soldering robots and other systems for transport and handling. Of course, the leading selective soldering technology was also present with VERSAFLOW, ECOSELECT and SMARTFLOW.


The soldering tools were also presented as part of the Ersa world - with three new systems for the automated repair of assemblies: HR 500, HR 550 XL, HR 600 XL with 3,000 Watt heating head for big boards and the new HR 600/3P for high-precision machining of small components.

Ersa productronica 2019


Ersa Messe-TV: Highlights productronica 2019

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What is our contribution to electronics production today - and more importantly tomorrow? System supplier Ersa presents new tech highlights for the production of current technology trends such as 5G communication, industry 4.0, automation, electromobility and autonomous driving. Many exciting innovations as a basis for numerous interesting discussions at expert level.

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