Hand Soldering

Ersa Hand Soldering

Precision Tools for every individual task.

The Ersa soldering tools focus on soldering and desoldering stations for use on microelectronic and SMD assemblies through to thick copper applications. They impress with their compact dimensions, high performance, energy efficiency and low operating costs due to inexpensive interchangeable tips. The i-CON VARIO 4 multi-channel soldering and desoldering station is the flagship of the i-CON family. With up to four connectable soldering and desoldering tools, it meets the highest demands for professional soldering and desoldering.

Ersa i-CON VARIO 4

SR 500: precise, automatic, precise.

The Ersa SOLDER SMART SR 500 works with the 150 watt Ersa i-TOOL, which has proven itself a thousand times over. The X/Y portal opens a 500 x 400 mm working area. The soldering robot has two separate Z-axes for precise positioning of the soldering tip virtually without applying any force. In addition, each soldering point can be approached from any direction with the aid of a rotary axis and practically every soldering process can be programmed. The operating software supports the user in all work processes and also documents them.

Ersa Soldering Robot SR 500