Industry 4.0

Kurtz Ersa: Industry 4.0 for more productivity

Added value through digitization

The digitization and networking of the smallest components up to highly complex systems lead to a clearly increased productivity. Kurtz Ersa offers industry 4.0 solutions as a powerful way to optimize processes and make them technologically viable for the future.


  • Increased service speed/quality and process reliability
  • Acquisition of important data for process and machine monitoring
  • Intelligent and convenient ticket system
  • Benefit from expert know-how through integrated digital service and training processes
  • Safeguarding competitiveness through increased efficiency and better capacity utilization of the overall systems

Kurtz Ersa CONNECT

Platform with integrated hardware and software infrastructure, ranging from the Kurtz Ersa machine portfolio to standardized interfaces and systems used by customers. The digital offerings are accessible from any location/device and increase the reliability and availability of every system. Where previously only situational reactions were made, today information can be evaluated and interpreted in advance based on data.


Industry 4.0: Significant increase in productivity