Reflow Soldering

Ersa Reflow Soldering: HOTFLOW 4 Series

HOTFLOW series: Tailored to your needs.

The HOTFLOW 3 Series: Precision in every size.
For particularly wide PCBs, the HOTFLOW 3/20 and HOTFLOW 3/26 systems can be manufactured as XL machines, increasing the possible working width for single transport from 560 mm to 720 mm. In the 3rd generation, double, triple and quadruple transport are possible – the right machine for every requirement in the SMT sector!

HOTFLOW 3/20 Reflow Soldering System

HOTFLOW 4: 100% performance, 65% operating costs.
With the Ersa HOTFLOW 4 it has been possible to significantly reduce nitrogen and energy consumption – with comparable performance. In addition to optimum economy, this is an important contribution to sustainability and resource conservation. The HOTFLOW 4 sets the industry standard for the ratio of productivity to parking space. Thanks to double to triple transport options, throughput can be significantly increased without increasing space requirements.

HOTFLOW 4/20 Reflow Soldering System

Vacuum reflow system Ersa EXOS 10/26:
low void reflow soldering with vacuum.

With the EXOS 10/26, Ersa offers a vacuum reflow soldering system with eleven heating zones, three heating circuits for the vacuum chamber and four cooling zones for extremely low-void connections in electronics production. The absolute highlight of the EXOS is the vacuum chamber, which is part of the peak process area – this allows the void rate (depending on paste, component and printed circuit board) to be reduced by up to 99 %.

Vaccum Reflow Soldering System Ersa EXOS 10/26