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Rework made easy. In all dimensions.

Ersa has a wide range of models to meet your needs, including automated hybrid stations and, of course, a wide range of accessories. The HR 600/2 hybrid rework system sets the standard for automated processing of assemblies. Reliable rework is also possible with the HR 550, which is easy and convenient to operate thanks to guided processes.

Ersa HR 550

The Ersa HR 600 XL system was developed for large PCB formats of up to 625 x 625 mm. It can handle components up to 60 x 60 mm without any problems. Thanks to its innovative IR Matrix Heater™ and 16 kW output, the HR 600 XL guarantees reliable processing of large, high-mass assemblies.

Ersa HR 600 XL

Ersa HR 600 XL

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With the HR 550 XL, Ersa presents a semi-automatic device for large assemblies (up to approx. 530 x 530 mm) – a real power package with 8-zone bottom-side heating composed of emitters and motorized X/Y fine adjustment and component rotation; suitable for industrial and power electronics as well as large-format PCBs.

Ersa HR 600/3P enables the automatic repair of fine pitch components such as µBGA and smallest chip components (01005) with highest precision. The newly developed axis system and 5-MPx cameras offer the most accurate desoldering and assembly technology in rework today.

HR 500 offers full Ersa hybrid rework technology for budget-oriented users. The HR 550´s little brother allows flexible repair of standard assemblies up to 380 x 300 mm and 50 x 50 mm component size.

New Ersa Rework Systems: HR 500, HR 550 XL, HR 600/3P